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Tech East West

McGee Technology is developing the Tech-East-West (TEW) program to help Asian companies break into mature western markets. With the experience and backing of Andrew McGee and his partnership with industry insiders working in large Asian global tech companies, we have put together a collection of products and materials to help your business reduce risk and have the best chance at a successful market launch.

If you sell technology in western markets, particularly B2B, you need to have a good understanding of the western sales process and customer expectations. Our program is aimed to teach the eastern business leaders everything you need to know about operating your tech business in a western country such as Australia, New Zealand, The UK, Ireland, Western Europe or the USA.

We have taken our collective knowledge and experience of what worked and what failed from companies such as Huawei Technologies and Hitachi Limited to teach you the valuable lessons we learned, which include the following:

Culture Gaps
How to avoid simple cultural mistakes.
The Western Sales Cycle
Learn to sell to western customers using a model they are familiar with.
Leading Western Teams
Earn respect and build a successful local team by understanding their expectations.
Western Channel Partners
Build a sales channel of resellers and valuable partners in western markets.
Customer Care
Understand the support obligations and customer expectations from western companies.
Political Safety
Plan ahead to avoid becoming a political victim of geographic trade wars or other regional sentiments.

We are still working on and adding to the TEW program but if you are a B2B technology vendor who would like to trial and provide feedback on our TEW material as a beta tester please contact McGee Technology to register your interest.

Watch this space for further information and announcements.